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Black Market Count Chocula - Heavier Things

Jul. 23rd, 2008

04:46 am - Black Market Count Chocula

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I had the pleasure of overhearing one of the most entertaining conversations on the bus today. It was entertaining not because of what was being said, although it definitely piqued my interest...but it was entertaining because of WHO was discussing this topic.

Picture this:

Three men. One in his 60s, and two maybe in their late 30s-40s.
One of them has bleach blond hair, and some sort of tribal earring in.
The older man has a nifty backpack on.
And the last man was a little remniscent of Kent Hrbek.

From what I gathered, Kent Hrbek look-a-like and the older gentlemen go way back...like...Kent Hrbek used to play at his house. He went on family vacations, etc. And they were discussing how the older gentlemen had the best cereal variety to choose from.

Bleach Blond guy: "Oh...so he was the source of your black market count chocula"
Kent Hrbek: "Yeah...I had to go to his place to combat the whole grain BS that was happening at my place."
Old Man: "Mmm...yes. We did have lots of cereal."

And then on top of it all, they began to discuss baseball.

Amidst my headache that's been plaguing me for the bulk of a week, it was the best thing to distract me from the pounding in my head. Simply fantastic.

- Jordan Baker

p.s. I've also come to the realization the The Great Gatsby is my literary nemesis. Aside from the character of Miles in The Turn of the Screw.

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