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Thwarted By Tin Foil - Heavier Things

Jul. 9th, 2008

09:23 pm - Thwarted By Tin Foil

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I've experienced something fantastic today. Something that I believe is experienced only once in a blue moon.

Now before I explain what happened, I'm going to preview it with a little reference from Sex and the City.

Whilst sitting in jury duty, our main character looks over and sees a man pull out a mango from his briefcase. She was baffled because it's not even a fruit that you can bite into. Days later, she witnesses him pull out a coconut from the same briefcase. Again...not even a fruit you can bite into.

at FarmHouse's formal...a girl was rather hungry. Her date pulled out a double cheeseburger from his suit coat.

Whist sitting in class (almost, if not equal to the boringness of jury duty), this gentleman sitting across from me usually brings his dinner into class. This act is not so abnormal. But today of all days, he takes out a tin foil object and begins to unwrap it.

Now, there are a lot of foods that can be wrapped in tin foil. It's the ingenuity of it all. The versatility of tin foil.

My classmate had brought a baked potato to class.

And he didn't even bother with utensils.


He just bit into it.

Straight up.

I do believe that is the oddest thing I've seen come from someone's lunch box. It was probably the best thing I'd seen all day.

And it also goes to say what a day I had.

- Daisy

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