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Life In Technicolor - Heavier Things

Jul. 5th, 2008

12:29 pm - Life In Technicolor

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There are things in this world that I feel God gives us to guide us through our days. One such thing that I feel that is a huge indicator that maybe you should listen, is when your body just wants to crap out on you. If you're in pain...that's a pretty good indicator that you should probably stop whatever activity it is that is causing you pain.

So here I am...slightly on the dumbass side, icing my shins because I don't know when to stop and listen. I run after class, and I've been slowing down a bit just 'cuz my legs are saying, "No Cassie. I refuse to let you run right now." So then I go to the gym and do a little bit of Tae Kwon Do...which I feel is the better of the work outs. But my knees are also saying, "No Cassie. I refuse to let you kick and hyper-extend."

Sadly for me, it took last night at work to finally say to myself, "Cassie...maybe you should slow down a bit." My knees were about to give out during the second inning, and were screaming at me, "CASSIE!! I REFUSE TO LET YOU RUN ANYMORE STAIRS!"

I kept going until the seventh inning when we're done with work.

And God was probably shaking his head going, "Silly girl."

I need to ice my legs. Maybe make them hate me less.

And go to work tomorrow.

Should be a good time.

"Silly girl."

- Fainy

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