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An Ode To The Past - Heavier Things

Jul. 1st, 2008

04:22 pm - An Ode To The Past

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Dear Friends:

holy cow...

I used to be funny.

I have come to many realizations within the past couple of days...or weeks...or whatever time. Most of them include the fact that I throw up in my mouth every time I think about the possibility of me teaching. I have to fill people's minds whenever they enter my classroom. Yes, I know that that thought should've been one of the first to come to mind when I decided upon the profession of "teaching"...but I have just made that important realization. And I don't know why it's throwing me for a loop and making me so nervous.

I mean, I know I know the material. And I've had literature shooting out of my ass for the past three months...and it's only going to continue. So...I should at the very least know what I'm talking about.

March 2009: I'll keep you posted. Grad school decision.

Also...I've been feeling particularly nostalgic as of late:

1. I miss salt and vinegar chips...not fries.
2. I miss the smell of piss on the metro in Paris, and the cramped Underground in London
3. I want to see the most aesthetically pleasing place on the planet...I watched "Marie Antoinette" last night, but it did not suffice.

- Gregor Samsa

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